What we do

Same Page Editing & Content specialises in writing, content creation and production journalism (sub-editing, lay-out, design, proofreading). We also offer PR and marketing services.

High-speed internet means we can work on your product or project no matter where you are in the world – and the beauty of doing it remotely is that it’s cost-effective: we can offer you top quality services for a very competitive price. Read on for more details of what we do…

Remote Production Journalism

If you have a print project on any topic, Same Page can take it all the way from blank pages to print-ready PDFs - we can flatplan and design the publication, create the editorial content, lay out the pages, and edit, polish and check copy.

Or we can provide any of the individual steps of the production process to the specific requirements of your newspaper or magazine.

We can work by virtual private network (VPN) or by simple file-sharing – whatever suits you best.

Similarly, if you need copy sub-edited, proofed or updated for a digital project, we can do all that to the highest standard.

Writing and Content Creation

Feature writing – At Same Page, we are expert storytellers. If you'd like us to tell a particular story, just give us a topic and a deadline and we’ll provide you with an excellent feature article that can go straight into your publication without the need for further editing.

Content creation – Whether you want to engage, enlighten or entertain your readers, our broad journalistic background means we can provide you with strong content on any subject you care to throw at us. We've done it all - news reporting, op-eds, sports reporting, political interviews, music reviews, press releases for rock bands, text for commercial websites – no matter what the field, we can produce exactly what you need.
We also provide photography services – if you need great photos to illustrate a piece we are writing, we can include that in the package.

PR and Marketing

If you want to put together a press release, advert or website to promote your project or product, we can help you get the words just right. We’ll make sure that you communicate your message exactly the way you want it and help you to make the best possible impression.

Copywriting – If you want to promote a business or project but don’t know where to start, we can turn all the relevant information into a clear, coherent message that will talk directly to your target market.

Or, if you’ve written your own material but feel your work needs a critical eye cast over it, we can make sure it’s clear, concise and effective - as well as putting your mind at rest that all the grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc, is exactly as it needs to be and doesn’t distract from your core message.

Who we are

Same Page Editing & Content is an enterprise based in Castres, France. It is run by Mark Hayes, an Irish journalist and editor with 18 years’ experience working mainly on Ireland’s top daily and weekly newspapers – with the last eight years spent working remotely. Mark is dedicated to providing excellent service to his clients, and to turning around projects quickly and on budget.

Mark has worked for the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Evening Herald, Sunday Tribune, The Irish Star and INM Regionals, all in Ireland. He was deputy managing editor of Presse Media 81 in France, which was Europe’s biggest provider of live production services to the newspaper industry. He has also contributed articles to a wide range of publications, on all sorts of subjects - you can see some examples of his work here.

"With more pressure than ever on print and online budgets, Same Page can help you get the best value for your money – and no job is too big or too small. Whether you need production of a full glossy magazine, a busy pull-out supplement, a live news sub-editing shift, or simply some online proofreading, we can help you in an efficient and cost-effective way.

"If you need top quality content for your publication or website - be it an in-depth travel article, a long-read sports interview, a quirky first-person piece about parenting, or an advertorial about your business - we can provide you with copy that is engaging and expertly written.

"Or if you need a hand communicating with your market, we can help you find the right words and voice to best say what you need to say, how you need to say it.

"If it sounds like Same Page can help you, drop us a line and we can give you all the further details you require."

- Mark Hayes

Contact Details

Same Page Editing & Content,
81100 Castres, France

Tel: 00 33 95 258 00043
or (mobile) 00 33 62 649 69 79

Email: mmarkhayes@gmail.com